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Jungle Pools


Last night I had some powerful dreams in which a recurrent image of the jungle was shown to me again, but this time I took notice and remembered it.
It consists of two pools, there was an ordinary pool with a path leading to it, but right nearby there was a second pool, and this pool was no connected to any path and in fact on either side there was nothing but sheer cliff. Oh yeah we were like up a mountain which made it rather scenic. This special pool was built from intricately carved stone sort of similar to those temples you see in south east asia.
Anyway it was highly beautiful and important also I think, I think that this second pool has a very high important to the jungle but I will see what I can think. no ordinary person may swim in it though, but the people who would come to the jungle I would allow them all into my special pool.
My woman also died in the dream but that was after I was looking at the pools.



hell yeah and welcome to the new design. it has been all red and green for a while but I will now explain what this means,…
it is not meant to be christmas colours though it is christmas quite soon. It actually represents the colours of the jungle. I think that the red and green is like a tree with very red sap.

Now there is this news part of the site right on the front page which I think is very nice, but I am going to have to bring back my interview with C3k and some other stuff to where they belong.

a lot of new games have come out in the last while becaquse I have been using a new piece of software called Godot which I like a lot, though it doesn't work so well on windows 7 computers I think. Currently I am working on my biggest and greatest game yet which is Called League of Scumbags A: Protodogs Extreme Spells. This is the first game in a trilogy of very important games about some things that are happening.

I am also working on a new album right now which I hope will be finished this year about the jungle as well. This one is going to be good I think, it has a lot of good songs and no rubbish songs which is unusual for one of my albums because I usually pad them out with total crap.

that is all the information that you need right now. Thank you for ;listening my dearly beloved and betrothed guests.

Dany Burton, PHD



the ball is coming through the nets

New Image Board


there is an image board now because the old forum was complete shit, and maybe I'll use the news thing here as the news thing for my site,

the man himself